Elk Horn Lutheran Church
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How to Join Us

We are delighted to add Christians to our church family. If you have a desire to join our church, please feel free to speak to our pastor about your decision. You are encouraged to come forward at the end of each service. You will be greeted by Pastor Keith or one of our Prayer Team members who will be happy to guide you in your decision. Or if you prefer, click here to fill out your New Membership form so that Pastor Keith can reach out to you. You may join our church in one of the following ways: 

  • By Baptism— Any individual who has publicly professed faith in Jesus Christ alone for the forgiveness of sin and is Scripturally baptized by immersion. If you have never been baptized, we can baptize you. Please either call us or click here to fill out your Baptism Request so that Pastor Keith can contact you to schedule your baptism. 
  • By Letter— If you have a membership from another Lutheran Church, you may join our church by transferring your membership to us. We will take care of all the details. 
  • By Statement — Any individual who has been saved and baptized, but is not a member of another church or was once a member of another church but records are not available.

It is strongly recommended that each new member completes a membership course that provides instruction on the covenant purpose, philosophy, and ministry of Elk Horn Lutheran Church.

Members should express a desire to actively participate in worship, service, and support of the mission and ministries of Elk Horn Lutheran Church.

According to our constitution, there are different levels of membership: 

Baptized members are those persons who have been received by the Sacrament of Holy Baptism in this congregation, or having been previously baptized in the name of the Triune God, have been received by a certificate of transfer from other Lutheran congregations or by affirmation of faith. If you have never been baptized, you can schedule a baptism with us by clicking here

Confirmed members are baptized persons who have been confirmed in this congregation, those who have been received by adult baptism or by transfer as confirmed members from other Lutheran congregations, or baptized persons received by affirmation of faith. If you are a teenager or adult that has never been confirmed in the Lutheran church, but would like to be, you can take a course with the pastor to become a confirmed member.  Please call 712-764-5678 to schedule a time with the pastor 

Voting members are confirmed members, Such confirmed members shall have communed and made a contribution of record during the current or preceding year. 

Associate members are persons holding membership in other Lutheran [Christian] congregations who wish to retain such membership but desire to participate in the life and mission of this congregation. They have all the privileges and duties of membership except voting rights and eligibility for elected offices or membership on the Church Council. 


4313 Main St., Elk Horn, Iowa, 51531, United States
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